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eShop Not Processing Orders

eShop Wordpress Plug-In & PayPal
Posted on 11/22/11 View Comments

Hard day yesterday trying to get the eShop WordPress plug-in working properly on one of our client websites, followed all the set up instructions exactly as described, been caught out before trying to cut corners so always work to the correct settings & recommendations to start nowadays.

On completing the set up as per instructions whatever we did the eShop Checkout would just not return and processes the download orders after returning successful from the PayPal checkout. After hours & hours of pulling out our hair, searching Google for the solution just got us nowhere, everything pointed to our current set up being correct, however it still didn’t work.

The problem we experienced was that once the order had been processed by PayPal and the user returned to our Website no order emails were sent out to either the Website Admin or the User, the completed and paid for order would just sit in our WordPress & eShop Admin as still processing.

So we decided to go against the grain and tweak our settings against the online advice given, after a few tweaks the problem was sorted and everything fired into action, if you are experiencing the same or similar problems to us above we recommend trying the below to see if your problems are rectified.

Before starting out on any alterations or setting changes to your Website
please make sure you back up your Website Files and Your MySQL Database.

  1. First off double check all your eShop WordPress Plug-In Settings & PayPal setting are correct as per the set up and guide. eShop Setup Documents.
  2. Navigate through the checkout progress with test order on the live shop, when you reach the final confirmation page before being redirected to PayPal right click the page and select the view page source option.
  3. You will need to search through your source code to find the following line:-
    <input type="hidden" name="notify_url" value="">
    The easiest way to do this is use the top menu Edit | Find and enter “notify_url” in the search box, hit next or enter and you should be taken the line of code needed. Make a note of the highlighted URL above obviously replacing with your own Website address taken from your own page source, you will need this URL later to add into your PayPal account, remember you should have a business PayPal account for this Plug-In to work correctly.
  4. Next login to your PayPal account and navigate to Profile | My Selling Preferences.
  5. Scroll down to location for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and click the link to update your settings.
  6. Set the notification URL to the URL you located in source code and made a note of above & select the Receive IPN messages (Enabled) radio button, save your settings.
  7. Navigate back to Profile | My Selling Preferences, now look for the Website Preferences Section and select the update settings link.
  8. Turn On Auto Return for Website Payments and again enter the URL as copied and noted above in to the Return URL text box area.
  9. The other settings on this page should already be set as these are recommended by the eShop Plug-In Set Up Guide and you should have checked the recommended settings in Step One.
  10. Save All of Your New PayPal Settings and then run a test order through your live Website, you should now be sent all the relevant order emails and the end user placing the order should also have received thier order email with any download links etc… The order should also now be sitting in the active section of your eShop admin and the transaction ID logged as sent from PayPal etc…

We really hope that this helps you solve problems with Your eShop & WordPress Installs when you run into problems processing payments using PayPal, let us know how you get on below.